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~~~SprigganFFXI Links~~~

There are many sites out there on which you can find huge amounts of information on just about anything in this game. Here we'll include links to some of those sites, big and small.

More to come later, like PFA and LBR (so :P Mayhem)

General Information
PlayOnline Official SquareEnix site
FriendList Plus SE Linkshell Community, feel free to look up SprigganFFXI on Sylph server
FFXIclopedia The most recognized FFXI-based wikipedia
Allakhazam Large database, forums, and wiki covering all of FFXI
FFXI Atlas The Vana'diel Atlas
FFXIAH Tracker of the Jeuno Auction House on each server
Campsitarus List of campsites by level
Vana'diel History The history of our world(s).

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