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~~~Welcome to the (Temporary) Home of the SprigganFFXI LS~~~

~~~This site is under construction~~~

Welcome to the temporary online home of the SprigganFFXI Linkshell, a group in Square-Enix's online role-playing game Final Fantasy XI. There isn't much to do/see right now, as this is just a starter site. We plan to move up to our own domain sometime around New Year's. Thanks for your understanding.

~~~Site News:~~~

2007 November 14-15: Posted some pictures in the gallery.
2007 October 12: New Forums Link
2007 October 05: New SprigganFFXI site makes first appearance on the internet

This is just a basic free site right now, so there will be ads on the site. Occasionally, some of those ads might be from entities that are engaged in RMT (real money trade), the practice of selling, buying, or trading online currency for real-life currency. This is against FFXI's Terms of Service and their possible appearance on this page is in no way endorsed and/or controlled by us. We do not condone this practice, as it establishes an unfair game environment. Fair warning.

Site last updated: 15 November 2007

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