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Interested in joining our merry little band? We can always be looked up in-game on Sylph. The LS is led by Mayhem, usually seen with his mentor flag up. In addition, if you see someone else walking around with the SprigganFFXI pearl, they can get you in touch (most of us are sackholders anyway).

What are our membership requirements? Simple. There are no level, rank, or nationality (game or RL) requirements to be able to join, just a positive attitude and respect for your fellow gamers.

We now have a contact e-mail for the webmaster at the bottom of every page. While this is normally used only for technical issues plaguing the site, you can also send non-technical LS-related questions to that address.

Site last updated: 15 November 2007

Interested in Spriggan? Contact LS leader: [coming soon]
Technical concerns/issues with the site/forums? Contact the webmaster.